coccinelle express

Food distributor and Franchiser

Food distributor

Interested in wholesale business/food distribution ?

As an efficient food distributor we supply wholesale centers, stores and help in running warehouses ( product selection , computing …). We distribute and export food and non food products by plane, containers or trucks. We cover all channels of distribution (food and non food ). Since 1993 , we are acting as a international major food distributor and are familiar with the particularities (cultural, legal …) of most countries . With a French food distributor like us, you will benefit of the best French gastronomy products (wines, cheeses , patés ….) selected by our experienced buyers at the best market prices possible.


Interested in opening a supermarket ?

Our group will support you in all stages of your project.

We work from your architectural plans and can offer you a turnkey supermarket with a full supply of 10,000 items in dry, fresh and frozen products. You will receive the services of a team with more than 20 years of experience in creating stores internationally, and be supported by our group Francap (5000 stores in France ).

We can also provide you a franchise opportunity and the brand of our chain of supermarkets, if you qualify.


Under our brand and banner you will benefit from a custom strategy designed especially for your local competition needs, regular monitoring, and frequent visits from our specialists who will effectively assist you throughout your supermarket’s life span.